RFP for Review of Land Use & Zoning Code


The City of Windom seeks proposals from firms with expertise in the area of municipal land use ordinances who are interested in performing a review of the City’s Land Use Codes: Chapters 151 “Subdivisions” and 152 “Zoning”. A copy of the City’s current codes is on our website at https://windom-mn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Windom15.pdf.

General Overview

Located in southwestern Minnesota with a population of 4,646, Windom is one hour southwest of Mankato and one-half hour northwest of Worthington.  Windom is located on U.S. Highway 71 and Minnesota State Highway 60.  Windom is a home rule charter city. 

Scope of Services

The City is interested in a contract agreement with a third-party consultant to review and make recommendations on updating the City’s Subdivision and Zoning Codes. Recent residential, commercial and industrial construction projects and proposed developments have required review and consideration of conditional uses and variances for some properties.  The codes have been routinely updated and amended since 2003 when the current code and zoning map were adopted. However, a holistic and comprehensive review is needed to ensure the codes are consistent and meet the current development and construction industry’s standards while maintaining orderly development and compatible land uses for the benefit of the citizens of Windom. It is not the intent of this review to develop new zoning districts or a new zoning map.  Emphasis will be on the permitted and conditional uses listed in each zoning district. 

The completed work product is expected to include proposed revisions/amendments that will be incorporated into Chapters 151 and 152 of the City Code.  Review of these proposed revisions and amendments will be processed through the Planning Commission and City Council by City of Windom Staff and subject to review and approval by the City Attorney.  After City Council approval of proposed revisions/amendments to Chapters 151 and 152, the City will retain other services to codify the revisions.  

The Consultant selected for the code review will be expected to attend the following meetings:  Initial meeting with the Planning Commission to establish the plan and process for the code review, a meeting with the Planning Commission for review of the final draft of proposed revisions to the Code which may include a public hearing, and a presentation of the final draft to the City Council.

Planning Commission’s ExpectationsThe Planning Commission expects that the selected Consultant will work closely with the Building & Zoning Office in its review of Chapters 151 and 152 of the Windom City Code.  The Planning Commission expects that the Consultant will present its recommendations to the Planning Commission in manageable increments (the length of which shall be determined by the Building Official and the Consultant).  The Planning Commission proposes to review the Consultant’s periodic recommendations at its meetings which are held the second Tuesday of each month.  

 Submittal Guidelines

The following guidelines describe the City’s expectations for the format and manner in which proposals are to be submitted by prospective firms. The failure by a prospective firm to follow these guidelines will not necessarily exclude that firm from consideration, but close adherence will be viewed more favorably as the City evaluates proposals. Thus, the submittal guidelines are as follows:

  1. A Proposal of Service which shall include qualified personnel with experience in land use planning, zoning administration, and City Ordinances.  Please include credentials for firm staff who would actually perform the requested services.  
  2. Compensation method and fee chart as applicable;
  3. Estimated fee;
  4. Approximate timeline for the project;
  5. List at least three client references, including the reference’s telephone number and address, to provide the City with an opportunity to contact each reference.   
  6. Proposals should be limited to no more than fifteen pages (8½” X 11” in size).  The Respondent shall submit three (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy of the Proposal to the City. 

Submit all Questions and the Proposals to:

City of Windom

Attn: Andrew Spielman, Building Official

444 9th Street, P.O. Box 38

Windom, MN 56101

 Phone:  507-832-8660
E-mail: andrew.spielman@windommn.com

Responses are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 19, 2021.

Selection Process

Responses will be reviewed and evaluated by a designated Committee within two weeks of the response deadline.  No attendance by prospective firms is requested for this meeting.  The Committee will determine which firms to invite to make presentations and the date(s) and times for presentations.  It is anticipated that the presentations will be scheduled for the April 13th Planning Commission Meeting.  The Building & Zoning Office will contact those firms selected for presentations/interviews to confirm the date and time for their presentations.  Firms not selected will also be notified.

Based on the written responses and presentations, the Committee and the Planning Commission will make a recommendation regarding which firm should be selected by the City Council to perform the Code review.  If all of the presentations can be made at the April 13th Meeting, the Planning Commission will forward a recommendation to the City Council for selection of the Consultant at the City Council’s April 20th Meeting.  The City Council will have final approval authority on a contract with the selected firm.  The goal is for the Consultant to begin working with the Building & Zoning Office and Planning Commission in May 2021.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all of the proposals submitted.

 Independent Contractor Status and Insurance Requirements for Selected Consultant

The Consultant shall be acting as an independent contractor and shall not be considered an employee of the City.  The Consultant shall be responsible for its own workers’ compensation insurance and a minimum of $1 Million of liability insurance coverage.  The Consultant must carry errors and omissions insurance of $1 Million per occurrence and $2 Million aggregate.  The insurance coverages shall be in amounts and through companies approved by the City.  The Consultant shall provide the City with copies of the Declaration pages evidencing this insurance prior to commencement of work.