In January 2019, the Windom Police Department obtained it’s first dual purpose K9, Bruno. This began the 2nd K9 unit since the 1990’s for the city of Windom. K9 Bruno is a purebred German Shepherd and was 2 year old when he arrived in Windom. He was imported from the Czech Republic, where he was bred specifically for Police work and obtained initial training in various areas. 

Officer Louis Norell was selected to be Bruno’s handler and both completed 14 weeks (over 560 hours) of specialized training for patrol, narcotic, and tracking. They are certified in National Police Canine Association (NPCA) Patrol and Narcotics, and also trained to standards under the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) standards. July 2019, the K9 team began their first shifts as an active unit. 


Bruno is trained in the following: Narcotics Detection, Human Odor Tracking (Lost or missing), Human Odor Tracking of Suspects, Criminal Apprehension, Handler Protections, and Article and/or Evidence Search.

The K9 team is used for a variety of duties or events, such as:

  • School Locker Searches
  • Traffic Stop Narcotic Searches
  • Service of Search Warrants
  • Recovery of Evidence
  • Community Education Demonstrations
  • High-Risk Building Searches
  • Searches for Lost/Missing Persons
  • Searches for Suspects


Officer Norell and K9 Bruno are issued a specialized squad car, a Ford Explorer Interceptor, specifically outfitted for the unique needs of the K9 team. The back seat section is divided 2/3rds for a compartment dedicated to K9 Bruno. The other ⅓ is sectioned separately as a prisoner transport. Bruno’s rear door can be remotely opened to deployed Bruno if needed. Bruno’s compartment has its own climate control system for AC and Heat, along with an integrated alarm system to prevent overheating. This alarm alerts Officer Norell remotely through a phone app, which can also be accessed to confirm the vehicle is on or off, actual current temperature of the vehicle, and battery status. 


Bruno is lives with and is cared for 24/7 by Officer Norell and has been accepted as another addition to his family. If you are interested in requesting a presentation of the K9 team for your community group, school, church, etc, please contact Officer Norell at 507-831-6134 or by email: