Debris Removal & Cleanup (not including sand bags)

Property owners are responsible for the cleanup and debris removal from their property and homes. Property owners are asked to take the following steps when cleaning up and rebuilding.

  • Contact your insurance company. The City, County and State have all filed a state of emergency and are requesting funding and financial assistance but this is not guaranteed. Your insurance coverage is the best option for financial assistance.
  • Complete Property Damage Form This form provides valuable information to the City that can be used for requesting state or federal funds and tracking damage for future events. The form can be found on the City’s website or at City hall, 444 9th Street, Windom, MN.
  • Take photos and keep records/receipts. Document the work that you do and keep all receipts, including landfill. Take photos before you start demo and cleanup work. This information will help with insurance claims and may be needed for the City to receive funding.
  • Landfill Guidelines Be familiar with landfill regulations and hours of operation before loading or hauling material to the landfill. Garbage should be kept separate from demo material to avoid additional expense. Landfill information can be found on the City’s website or at City Hall, 444 9th Street, Windom, MN. Make sure to tell landfill personnel that the material is from the flood event.