City Council Ward II – Letter of Interest

The City of Windom is inviting individuals who are interested in filling the Ward II City Council position, which will be vacant effective May 31, 2021, to submit a Letter of Interest. The City Council will appoint an individual who resides in Ward II to fill this position.

The term for the appointed Council seat will end after a Special Election that will be held during the General Election in November 2022.
Please send a letter of interest in the position to:
City of Windom
Attn: Mayor Dominic Jones
PO Box 38
Windom, MN 56101
or drop off your letter at City Hall, 444 9th Street.

In your letter, please include qualifications, community engagement and why you would like to serve.

If interested in the Ward II Council position, you must be a resident of Windom and live in Ward II.

City of Windom Ward I & II boundary descriptions: (click here to see a copy of the map)

There are two Wards in the City—Ward I and Ward II. There is a north-south dividing line between the two wards. Ward I is on the west side of the line and Ward II is on the east side.
Basically Sixth Avenue (extended) divides Wards I and II, EXCEPT in the area between 14th Street and 6th Street. Specifically, the dividing line between Ward I and Ward II begins at the North city limits on Highway No. 71; thence South on Highway 71 and 6th Avenue to 14th Street; thence East on 14th Street to 4th Avenue, thence South on 4th Avenue to 8th Street; thence West on 8th Street to 5th Avenue; thence North on 5th Avenue to 9th Street; thence West on 9th Street to the centerline of the Des Moines River; thence Southeasterly to 6th Street; thence West on 6th Street to 6th Avenue; and thence South on 6th Avenue extended to the South city limits boundary line.