BCBS – Sharecare Enrollment – Additional Info

BCBS has had some issues with enrolling members in Sharecare program.  Please see this additional information if you are having problems with the program:

If you have employees that have not yet registered, please have them register using a desktop computer, not the mobile app.  Once registered, they can use the app.

Please make sure that employees are joining the challenge if they are wanting to earn the incentive. If you are still not seeing challenges listed, please track your steps in the Sharecare app, and once the challenges are loaded, if your steps were tracked (even without joining the challenge), it should load your steps in to the challenge for incentive purposes.  I would also encourage a call to customer service at this point, too.

 If you are still having issues, please contact BCBS Customer Service (phone number on the back of your card).

A final note about the incentive, once the incentive is earned (210,000 steps and tracking 21/30 days of the month), the member will be sent an email with a link to redeem their Target e-gift card.  This should happen fairly quick after they have met the requirements to earn the incentive.  We’ve received multiple reports of employees already receiving their e-gift cards.  In the email, it states that the member has 30 days to redeem (accept) their gift card.  This simply means that they must click the link to redeem (and either print, or save to their Target mobile app) their gift card.  Once it’s been printed or loaded to their Target account, it’s there until they use it, it does not expire. 


Thank you for your patience as BCBS and Sharecare work through this roll-out process!

SharecareMHC Reg_Sync_StepbyStep


BCBS – Omada Program

I’m pleased to announce that SWWC is offering a new health benefit for employees and their adult family members who are enrolled in our Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota health plan—at no cost to you.

Omada® is a digital lifestyle change program that inspires healthy habits you can live with long term. It combines the science of behavior change with unwavering personal support, so you can make changes that actually stick. It’s an approach shown to reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Find out if you’re eligible by taking a 1-minute risk screener at omadahealth.com/mhc 

Omada includes:

  • A professional health coach to keep you on track
  • A wireless scale to monitor your progress
  • An interactive program that adapts to you
  • Weekly online lessons to educate and inspire
  • A small group of participants for real-time support

Take a 1-minute risk screener to see if you’re eligible at omadahealth.com/mhc, and keep an eye on your inbox for emails from Omada in the next few weeks.

Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota and Blue Plus® are nonprofit independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

The Omada Program is from Omada Health, Inc., an independent company providing a digital intensive behavioral counseling

BCBS – SmartShopper

I am delighted to introduce you to SmartShopper, Minnesota Healthcare Consortium’s new health care shopping and savings program, and I encourage you to register for SmartShopper as soon as possible.   Why? Because SmartShopper is going to help you earn cash and save money when you and your family use your medical benefits.

Here’s how SmartShopper works:

  • Your doctor recommends a medical procedure or screening.
  • You call the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team or shop online at https://bcbsmn.vitalssmartshopper.com/home
  • Have the procedure at one of the highlighted SmartShopper facilities
  • Earn cash and save money on your out-of-pocket costs for the procedure

There are more than 50 procedures you can earn cash for with SmartShopper, including CT Scans and MRIs, screenings such as mammograms and even surgeries, including knee surgeries.  And the cash rewards you can earn can vary from $50 to $500, depending on the procedure and where you have it.

Get started now by calling a SmartShopper Personal Assistant at 866-285-7452 or https://bcbsmn.vitalssmartshopper.com/home

The direct link to the video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HoK6Y2K8Gg

BCBS – Sharecare Enrollment

Don’t forget to sign-up for this incentive program!! Next Challenge Period Starts February 1st!!

Please see attached document from SWWC/BCBS outlining the Sharecare program replacing the Fitness Center discounts for 2019

Sharecare Program 2019





BCBS – Sharecare Enrollment

Please see attached document from SWWC/BCBS outlining the Sharecare program replacing the Fitness Center discounts for 2019

Sharecare Program 2019





Health & Well Being – Member Benefits

Please see attached document from SWWC outlining the member benefits available with our health insurance plan.

2019 BCBS and SWWC Programs

Please note Sharecare on page 2 of the document.  This is replacing the Fitness Discount program starting 1/1/2019.

We will be planning activities for the Live Well program for 2019 so all participants have a chance to earn $500 incentive for their VEBA/HSA during 2019.  More to come!

These programs will not be available until after 1/1/2019.





2019 Health Insurance/Forms

2019 Health Insurance coverage has changed – Only one BCBS insurance plan will be offered this year. 

  • Deductible amounts 3375/6750.
  •  4th quarter carryover will no longer be offered.
  • Rx vendors Target and CVS can no longer be used to fill prescriptions.
  • VEBA/HSA City annual contribution $2,500 single – $5,000 family.

Open Enrollment is now open for anyone who would like to make changes to their insurance coverage.

All employees currently on the insurance plan will be moved to the new plan.  Employees will be required to designate if they would like to enroll in an HSA-Health Savings Account and if they would like to make additional contributions to the HSA plan.

  • Employer Contribution Options:
    • 100% VEBA
    • 100% HSA
    • 50% VEBA/50% HSA

Unless a new designation is made all employer contributions will continue to be made to your current VEBA plan. If you do not plan to make any changes to your health insurance you do not need to complete any forms for health insurance.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT – Please complete the attached form if you would like to contribute to a FLEX account for Medical or Dependent Care in 2019.

Please review the attached forms and submit any changes to Denise Nichols by December 14, 2018.

2018 VEBA Incentive

Congratulations to the 26 employees that received the 2018 VEBA Incentive of $250.00.

You should see the payments in your VEBA account this week.

Thanks for your 2018 participation.  The 2019 VEBA Incentive will be $500.00


Health Spending Account Informational Meeting

BCBS and Further (Formerly SelectAccount) Onsite for Employee Meetings! 

Representatives from BCBS and Further (formerly SelectAccount) will be onsite to discuss benefits of HSAs, VEBAs or using a combination of health spending accounts in conjunction with our Health Insurance Plan for 2019.

Please plan to attend ONE informational session regarding using 2019 Health Spending Account options.

Session 1 – November 7th, 10-11:00 am in Council Chambers

Session 2 – November 7th , 1:30-2:30 pm in Council Chambers





Benefit Plan Spending Account Information

These Documents have been added to Benefit Information Section on the City of Windom Website

MHC Select Account Info