WEX -Adding a Beneficiary to your HSA or VEBA Account – Video Getting Started with your Online Account

For those of you that have a Health Savings Account or VEBA, we’d like to remind you to add a beneficiary to your plans, if you haven’t already done so. It’s important to note that the beneficiaries of these two plans are handled separately. Designating a beneficiary ensures that in the event of your death, the assets held in the account will be transferred directly to the person or people that you’ve chosen.

For the Health Savings Account (HSA), you can add or remove a beneficiary in your online account. A designated beneficiary will receive your HSA assets in the event of your death. If you are married in a common law or marital property state, we recommend that you designate your spouse as your primary beneficiary.

To add a beneficiary to your HSA, log into your online account and follow these steps:
Video Adding a Beneficiary to you HSA
Getting Started with you online account

1. Navigate to the Accounts tab.
2. Under Profile, click “Profile Summary.”
3. Click “Add Beneficiary.”
4. Complete the required information and then click “Submit.”

For your VEBA, the beneficiary is automatically the spouse first and dependents under age 26 second. You have the ability to add an additional beneficiary to your plan in the event that you don’t have a spouse or dependents under age 26 at the time of your death.

To add a beneficiary to your VEBA, log into your online WEX account, click on “Manage My VEBA” and then follow these steps:

Click on “My Profile” from the top toolbar.
Navigate to the beneficiaries tab and click “New”
Provide your beneficiary information and click “Save”

Adding a beneficiary to your account will help to provide peace of mind and facilitate the smooth transfer of assets to your chosen airs.

2024 Medica Insurance Information – LELS and Supervisory Employees

Medica Insurance Members (Supervisory and LELS Employees)

The following flyers provide information, links and changes for 2024.  Please take the time to review to get the most out of the Wellness programs, resources, rewards and opportunities that are provided to you through your Medica insurance.

2024 Wellness Programs Quick Links

2024 Life Time Program 

2024 My Health Rewards User Guide

Self Care by AbleTo

Healthier Living Dec 2023

Healthier Living Dec 2023

Headache Management

Open Enrollment 2024 Insurance – HSA and Flex Spending Contribution Froms

Open Enrollment is now open for anyone who would like to make changes to their insurance coverage effective January 1, 2024.

Supervisory and LELS – If you do not plan to make any changes to your health insurance you do not need to complete the 2024 Insurance Election Form.

IBEW Employees will be moved to the BlueCross/BlueShield insurance plan.  If you are not making any changes you will be moved to the same designation you currently have Family or Single.  If you plan to make any changes including changes to Employee + Children or Employee + Spouse you must complete the 2024 Election form. Everyone will also need to complete the Family Medical Care Plan Enrollment form for BlueCross/BlueShield.

HSA Employee Contribution Election Form – This form must be completed if you would like to enroll or make changes to your HSA account through a payroll deduction. Maximum Contributions for 2024 are Single $4,150 and $8,300 Family which would include the $500 wellness incentive.

IBEW Employees are not eligible for HSA contributions.

2024 Insurance Election Form – This form must be completed only if changes are needed for change of coverage Single/Family and VEBA or HSA Election.

Employer Contribution Options:
100% VEBA
100% HSA
50% VEBA/50% HSA

Unless a new designation is made all employer contributions will continue to be made to your current VEBA or HSA plan.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT – Completed the attached form and you would like to contribute to a FLEX account for Medical or Dependent Care in 2024. The maximum Flex contributions are Medical $3,200 and Dependent Care $5,000.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your entire election amount is available to you at the start of the plan year, even if you haven’t contributed funds from your paycheck yet. This means that if you have medical expenses early on, you can use your funds in advance to pay for them.
  • Any unused funds over $640 in your account at the end of the plan year will be forfeited.
  • You cannot change your election amount throughout the year, unless there has been a qualifying life event.

Please review the attached forms and submit any changes to Denise Nichols by November 27, 2023.

Healthier Living Nov 2023

Healthier Living Nov 2023

Aging Parents

Healthier Living Oct 2023

Healthier Living Oct 2023

Colleagues Connect

Healthier Living Sept 2023

Healthier Living Sept 2023

Credit Score