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Light Tower

Light Tower – Obtained with a Joint Project with the Cottonwood County Emergency Management and the Windom Fire Dept. Equipped with 4-1000 Watt Light Bulbs, Will raise up to 30 ft. […]

Unit 26

  Unit 26 – 1984 Water Tender Truck, Chevy Chassis with a Central Apparatus, 2000 Gallon Water Truck for Rural Fires.

Unit 25

  Unit 25 – 1997 4 Wheel Drive Chevy Pick Up, This is our quick response grass rig. Carries 350 Gallons of Water and 2 attack lines.

Unit 24

  Unit 24 – 2005 4 Wheel Drive F-350 Ford Pick Up, This is our First Response Truck which hauls 350 gallons of water and rescue equipment.