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FEMA Visit Release / Comunicado de visita de FEMA

FEMA Visit Release

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July 11, 2024

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has begun Preliminary Damage Assessment site
visits in Cottonwood County and is visiting various properties. These site visits are specifically in areas
with a high volume of damage reported to the City of Windom. The preliminary assessment will assist in
determining potential eligibility of Individual Assistance (IA) for the residents of Cottonwood County.

FEMA staff were in Windom on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 to review the severity of damage. Together
with City of Windom staff, FEMA did visit several homes along Quevli Avenue, Cottonwood Lake Drive,
and near Perkins Creek. Based on this brief visit and review of Windom’s damage assessments, FEMA
will be returning for further preliminary assessment on Saturday, July 13, 2024.

FEMA staff will not assess every area due to time constraints with 22 Minnesota Counties under a
Federal Disaster Declaration working together to access IA statewide. If FEMA staff do not visit your
property or area, this does not mean your area is excluded from consideration. All of Windom’s damage
assessments are available to FEMA staff in addition to these site visits.

These site visits include a review of any external property damage. FEMA staff will not enter private
residences. Property owners do not need to be available but are encouraged to communicate with
FEMA staff if they are. These visits do include numerous routine questions from FEMA staff. However,
property owners should additionally be aware that:

  •  Any essential living space in basement or ground floor (such as occupied bedrooms) is crucial for
    property owners to declare.
  • Any sewer back-up into a property should be mentioned.
  • Any damage to an electric panel and foundation damage including status of any bowing or
    collapsing walls should be discussed with FEMA staff.

The City of Windom appreciates the collaboration of our property owners as we all work together to try
accessing IA. This is a difficult time for the thousands of residents who have experienced damage from
the severe storm and flooding event. To date, City staff have received damage assessments from over
15% of households, which is an astonishing response. If IA is approved for Cottonwood County residents
and becomes available to property owners, these damage assessments were crucial in the process.

Property owners—in all of Cottonwood County—are still encouraged to report property damage if they
have not yet submitted a Damage Assessment form. These forms are available on the City of Windom
website, the Cottonwood County website, or at https://arcg.is/1KSXPf for an easy online version. This is
the best way property owners can help their neighbors by ensuring FEMA has the most comprehensive
picture of the state of Windom’s damage. Together, we are #WindomStrong

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Latest Flood Prediction from State Incident Command

The following link provides the latest map or flood prediction from river crest on June 26, 2024

flood map Prediction 6-24-24

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