Proposed Market Rate Apartment Project – EDA Spec Building

Proposed Market Rate Apartment Project – EDA Spec Building


EDA Public Hearing to Sell Property: 1925 North Redding Avenue

  • Regularly scheduled EDA Board Meeting

o   Date: July 13th

o   Time: Noon

o   Location: City Hall Council Chambers: 444 9th Street


Proposed Rezoning: 1925 North Redding Avenue

  • Regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting

o   Date: July 14th

o   Time: 7pm

o   Location: City Hall Council Chambers: 444 9th Street


The EDA has an offer to purchase the Spec Building on North Redding Avenue.  The proposed project is a 21 unit apartment.  The EDA Board will hold a public hearing on July 13th to discuss the project.  A purchase agreement would be contingent on rezoning and an agreement with Fast Global Solutions who is currently leasing the EDA Spec Building.  Fast Global Solutions has been leasing the EDA Spec Building since 2016.  We are currently researching new warehousing options with Fast Global Solutions.

Why Housing on the Spec Building Property?

Rendering EDA Spec Building

Proposed Site Plan – EDA Spec Building

Proposed Rezoning – EDA Spec Building

Traffic Impact


Please contact Drew Hage if you have additional questions and feedback regarding the project. 

Thank you,

Drew Hage | Development Director | Economic Development Authority of Windom

444 9th St., P.O. Box 38 | Windom, MN | 56101

507-832-8661 (Office)

507-822-5918 (Cell)

507-831-6142 (Fax)  |


July 2020 Healthier Living Newsletter

July Healthier Living Newsletter

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Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson


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MSRS Customer Service Changes During COVID-19 Social Distancing

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Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Changes

The SECURE Act of 2019 changed the age retirement plan participants must begin taking RMDs from age 70½ to age 72. 

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Updated MNDCP In-Service Withdrawal Provision

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act (FCAA) was signed into law in December 2019. The FCAA allows in-service withdrawals under governmental 457(b) plans at age 59½ (rather than age 70½ previously permitted for 457(b) plans).  

MNDCP adopted this optional provision effective June 12. MNDCP participants currently employed by a Minnesota public employer may now request a withdrawal for any reason after obtaining age 59½. An employee who takes an in-service withdrawal may continue to contribute to their MNDCP account. 

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