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Wolf Lake Connection Trail Plan

Wolf Lake Connection Trail Plan – Public Review
In June 2019, the City of Windom began a trail planning process for the Connection Trail from the City of Windom to the Wings on the Prairie Discovery Center at Wolf Lake Waterfowl Production Area, a property of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Please click on the link below to view the Final Wolf Lake Trail Plan

(final plan – click this link to view the plan)

Executive Summary:
The Wolf Lake Connection Trail Plan is a summary of possible routes based on a community planning process. The preferred trail route is shown in the map and is the product of a nine month community engagement process whereby the Windom Community was provided multiple opportunities to provide their input. When surveyed, residents of Windom responded with broad support for a connection trail to Wolf Lake. Important goals for the Wolf Lake Connection Trail:
• The Wolf Lake Connection Trail aims to utilize national, state, and local grant monies for design and construction.
• The Wolf Lake Connection Trail will be a multi-use, accessible, recreation trail that will provide a safe connection to a nearby and ecologically significant asset.
• The Wolf Lake Connection Trail can be expected to provide numerous economic and health benefits to existing and future residents of Windom.
• The Wolf Lake Connection Trail will be an attraction and retention tool for new residents and businesses.

Background Information:
The Windom Comprehensive Plan outlined a goal to establish a connection trail between the City of Windom and the Windom Wetland Management District. The Windom Wetland Management District includes the Wolf Lake Nature Area and the Wings on the Prairie Discovery Center. The Wings on the Prairie Discovery Center is unique for US Fish & Wildlife and features a visitor center, nature trail for exploring, wildlife observation platforms, interpretive signs, and hands-on displays.

The Wolf Lake Nature Area includes the Wolf Lake Nature Trail which is a quarter mile paved trail located within the Windom Wetlands Management District. USFW also maintains mowed grass paths on the property. These are local and regional assets.

The Wolf Lake Trail Plan will help to achieve the next steps outlined in the Comprehensive Plan under the goal to establish a connection trail between the City of Windom and the Windom Wetland Management District. A connection trail is likely dependent on a grant to support the project.

Next Steps:
• Adoption of trail plan by Windom City Council.
• Add the cost of the preferred route into the City’s Capital Improvement Plan to provide a match for a grant. Within five years of the completion of the Connection Trail Plan, funding will need to be secured for trail construction.
• Identify any of the needed right-of-way along the preferred route.
• Apply for grants through Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Other grant opportunities will be explored from both traditional public and private sources.

2021 Budget Planning

Please see below budget files to start reviewing your operating revenues and expenses.    The complete workbooks will be provided after June is completed so we have 6 months of actual data for 2020.

Please direct any questions to Steve or Chelsie.


2021 Revenue by Fund

2021 General Fund Expense by Department

2021 Expense by Fund

2020 Onsite Screening – Windom Area Health


Windom Area Health will be conducting voluntary health screenings onsite at the Council Chambers August 5th starting at 7:00 a.m.  These tests will be FREE to employees.

A Lipid and Glucose test in 2020 this is a requirements to qualify for the $500 Wellness Incentive.  We are also offering three additional tests for employees including Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA),  and Hemoglobin.  The PSA test is recommended for males age 50+ and the TSH is available to anyone who is interested. 

All tests will be in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  A 12 hour fast is required for all tests.

Please reserve a time by emailing or calling City Hall at 507-831-6129

Sign-up deadline is Monday July 27th.


Note: If you choose to do the screening with your primary provider, please have Physician Screening Letter completed and return to Chelsie.

Please email with any questions.



2020 MAY Financial Reports

MAY 2020 Council Summary

May 2020 Balance Sheet

MAY 2020 Cash & Investments

MAY 2020 Income Statement

MAY 2020 Fund Summary

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MAY 2020 Income Statement – DETAIL

MAY 2020 Investment Positions

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June 2020 Healthier Living Newsletter

Healthier Living June 2020 Final_SWWC

Email Comments/Questions to: or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson