Learn To Live – Substance Abuse Program & Webinar

Hello from Learn to Live,

Sometimes concerns about alcohol or drug use can sneak up on us. If that’s your experience with yourself or a loved one—you aren’t alone. It happens to 1 in 10 of us every year. It can turn our lives, jobs and relationships upside down.

Learn to Live’s Substance Use mental health program offers proven CBT tools that have helped many out of this trap. If you have already created an account with us, you can login and change your program to our new Substance Use program here. If you have not yet enrolled in one of our programs, now would be a great time to enroll. You can do that on our partners page and use the code: MHC

You can also learn more through our new webinar “When Substance Use Becomes a Concern”. Understand the complicated relationship people can have with alcohol or drugs and how to tell if you or a loved one’s use is an escalated problem. You’ll also walk away with ways to explore the first steps toward change.

To register for one of the webinar dates and times, visit our webinar page learntolive.com/webinars and enter your access code: MHC

Remember that our webinars and online mental health programs are available at no cost to you and your family members (ages 13+). Access all of our programs for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Substance Use at learntolive.com/partners and enter the code: MHC

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Sky Blue Yoga – City Employees – Spouses Welcome

Please join us for YOGA for City of Windom Employees & Spouses!!

Unwind from your busy day with Yoga! 

All City employees are invited to participate in a 4 week Yoga series lead by Sky Blue Yoga starting Tuesday, March 10th.  This will be a FREE mixed level class that beginners will feel very comfortable with.   It will be super mellow and relaxing after a busy day. 

The sessions will be held Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm at Windom Community Center.  Mark it on your calendar!!  Employees are welcome to attend any or all sessions. 

Bring your own exercise mat or use one provided by Sky Blue. 

March 10th 6-7PM
March 17th 6-7PM
March 24th 6-7PM
March 31st 6-7PM

NOTE: Participating in any of these will count toward earning 2020 Wellness Incentive

Top Health Benefits of Yoga

You’ve probably heard by now that yoga is good for you. Maybe you’ve even tried it and discovered that it makes you feel better. A consistent practice offers all kinds of mental and physical health benefits. Some, like improved flexibility, are clearly evident. Others, including mental clarity and stress reduction, may be more subtle but are just as powerful. When put together, all the benefits below contribute to an increased feeling of well-being, which helps explain why so many people find yoga so addictive.


1. Improves Flexibility 

Moving and stretching in new ways will help you become more flexible, bringing greater range of motion to tight areas. Over time, you can expect to gain flexibility in your hamstrings, back, shoulders, and hips. As we age, our flexibility usually decreases, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, which leads to pain and immobility. Yoga can help reverse this process.


2. Builds Strength

Many yoga poses require you to bear your body weight in new ways, including balancing on one leg (as in tree pose) or supporting yourself with your arms (as in downward facing dog). Holding these poses over the course of several breaths helps build muscular strength.


3. Increases Muscle Tone and Definition

As a by-product of getting stronger, you can expect to see increased muscle tone. Yoga helps shape long, lean muscles in your legs, arms, back, and abdomen.


4. Improves Balance

Improved balance is one of the most important benefits of yoga as you get older. Poses where you stand on one leg and, for more advanced students, inversions, are great ways to build the core strength that keeps you upright.


5. Supports Joint Health

The movements necessary for yoga are low impact, allowing you to use your joints without injuring them. Yoga also helps strengthen the muscles around the joints, lessening their load. People with arthritis often see marked improvement in their pain and mobility with regular gentle yoga practice.


6. Prevents Back Pain

Increased flexibility and strength can help prevent the causes of some types of back pain. Many people who have back pain spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or driving a car, which causes tightness throughout the body and spinal compression. Yoga counteracts these conditions.


7. Teaches Better Breathing

Most of us take shallow breaths and don’t give much thought to how we breathe. Yoga breathing exercises, called pranayama, focus our attention on breathing and teach us how to take deeper breaths, which benefits the entire body. Certain types of breath can also help clear the nasal passages (helpful for people with allergies) and even calm the nervous system, which has physical and mental benefits on and off the mat.


8. Fosters Mental Calmness

Yoga asana practice is intensely physical. Concentrating so intently on what your body is doing has the effect of bringing a calmness to your mind. Yoga also introduces you to meditation techniques, such as how to focus on your breath and disengage from your thoughts. These skills can prove to be very valuable in intense situations off the mat, like childbirth, a bout of insomnia, or when having an anxiety attack.


9. Reduces Stress

Physical activity is good for relieving stress, and this is particularly true of yoga. Because of the concentration required, your daily troubles, both large and small, seem to melt away during the time you are on the mat. This provides a much-needed break from your stressors, as well as helping to put your problems into perspective. The emphasis yoga places on being in the present moment can also help as you learn not to dwell on past events or anticipate the future. You will leave a yoga class feeling less stressed than when you started.


10. Increases Self Confidence

Doing yoga improves your mind-body connection, giving you a better awareness of your own body. During yoga, you learn to make small, subtle movements to improve your alignment, putting you in better touch with your physical being. You also learn to accept your body as it is without judgment. Over time, this leads to feeling more comfortable in your own body, boosting your self-confidence.

2020 Wellness – BCBS/SWWC Programs


BCBS/SWWC Education Session-Council Chamber


Date: Thursday February 20th (2 sessions offered – attend 1)

Session 1: 9-9:45

Session 2: 10-10:45

A representative will give a brief overview of the functions of SWWC Coop and how health insurance premiums are determined.  The Wellness and cost savings programs offered through BCBS and SWWC will also be covered.    There will be time for employee questions.  All are welcome to attend.

Email Comments/Questions to:  Windom.wellness@windommn.com or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson



Employee Payroll/Benefit Information

Helpful information & links available on the Employee Section of the website.  If you are unable to access this page, please contact Denise Nichols or Chelsie Carlson at City Hall.


January 2020 Healthier Living Newsletter


Healthier Living Jan 2020_SWWC


Email Comments/Questions to:  Windom.wellness@windommn.com or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson


BCBS – Omada Program-2020 Expanded

We’re excited to share some good news: Omada’s digital health program has expanded to help even more of you reach your goals. Now, in addition to losing weight and building healthy habits that last, Omada could help you stay on top of your type 2 diabetes.

Omada combines ongoing human support with the latest technology to help you make small, meaningful changes to the way you eat, move, sleep, and manage stress. You’ll get:

  • A professional health coach for support and guidance
  • A connected scale for seamless tracking (to keep for good!)
  • Weekly online lessons to educate and empower you
  • A small online community for real-time motivation

If you’re living with type 2 diabetes, you’ll also get:

  • A connected blood glucose meter and as many test strips as you need
  • Coaching from a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)
  • Personalized feedback to help you make sense of your blood glucose readings
  • Diabetes-specific support from your coach, peers, and lessons
  • Strategies to help you manage (or potentially reduce) medications  


If you or your adult family members are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease, or are living with type 2 diabetes, and enrolled in our Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota health plan, Minnesota Healthcare Consortium will cover the entire cost of the program—a $650+ value.


Watch this 2-minute demo video on omadahealth.com/mhc to learn more

2019 DEC Financial Reports

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Houston’s Send Off – Come Wish Her Well

Denise Houston

Her big send off!

Please join her in the Council Chambers and enjoy some cake

Tuesday Jan. 14th


Come and go & wish her well