Family Heritage – Supplemental Insurance Plans

Passing along information from a insurance representative.  These plans are voluntary and not associated with the City benefit offerings.  Please contact the representative directly if you are interested in this insurance.

Cancer, heart disease and other serious accidents and illnesses are things we do not think about until they are upon us. 

The supplemental plans we offer are designed to eliminate the financial stress and strain associated with battling a serious illness and recovering from injuries.  We often do not anticipate the costs such as lost income, travel and lodging expenses, deductibles and co-payments (which are all in addition to regular living expenses) until it is too late.  

Our plans:
1) pay in addition to any other insurance,
2) pay benefits directly to the claimant,
3) refund 100% of unused premiums, and
4) are offered at no cost to your city.

Please check us out at and do not hesitate to call when you have a question. I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your people and build some great working relationships along the way.

Yours to count on,

Gabrielle Cohrs

Licensed Agent 

Family Heritage Insurance Company