2018 Livewell Program – Reminder

It’s a time to encourage random acts of kindness for friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. Some common benefits of benevolence, according to the Random Acts of Kindness organization, include increasing energy, happiness, and serotonin levels while lowering stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.

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While spreading kindness is good, it’s better to find simple ideas on a daily basis. Here are five ways you can carry on workplace goodwill:

  1. Showing Gratitude A simple “thank you,” makes us all feel appreciated about our work and encourages us excel. Offer your gratitude with a sincere smile, and express why the action was so helpful or important. Explain how a difference was made, and return the favor with sincerity and thanks.
  2. Greeting with a Hello and Goodbye A quick “Goodmorning” and “Bye” will make all the difference in a day. Human interaction is crucial and will help create a positive environment. The next time you’re going into the office, make it a point to greet others with eye contact, a smile, and a question about the day. Start the day on a positive note with a quick courtesy.
  3. Remembering Names Taking the time to learn names will personalize your interactions, creating mutual respect and a friendlier workspace. This creates mutual respect between coworkers, and building staff too.
  4. Helping Hand If you know a colleague’s strengths and weaknesses, use this as an opportunity to lend a hand. Help guide those who struggle, while helping a coworker with a certain strength move up or into a better position. For instance, if a coworker is amazing at creating powerpoint presentations, but not so much at public speaking and you’re great at speeches, then team up, and incorporate them into the presentation and highlight their skills.
  5. Stop Rumors If you hear negative talk or gossip about a coworker in (or outside) the office, then intervene. Rumors are detrimental, no matter how small. Combat negativity with kind words about others, and strive to appreciate the positive in everyone.