Flex Enrollment Form


From:  Denise Nichols

Date:   10/19/2017

Re:      2017 Flex Enrollment Form (Plan Year 2018)

Any employees who would like to enroll in the 2018 Flexible Spending Benefit Plan should use the above link and complete and submit the form to me by November 13, 2017.

Please remember that the run-out period end date for the 2017 Flexible Spending accounts is March 31, 2018.  Select Account will deny any claims for 2017 that are received after that date.

The new rollover option allows for employees to carry over up to $500 from their current year plan.  Employees can rollover these unused funds into next year’s FLEX account. 

This rollover option affects FLEX medical dollars only and can be used for 2017 unused FLEX medical dollars.  Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts remain the same and cannot rollover any funds. 

Beginning in 2013, any unused Flex medical dollars up to a maximum of $500 will automatically roll into the FLEX account for the next year.  This change allows greater flexibility for employees to plan for FLEX deductions. 

With the Rollover option, employees may want to adjust their 2018 FLEX medical contribution.  The maximum annual contribution has changed to $2,600.  However if you rollover $500 into the next year plan, it is possible to have a balance of $3,100 in your medical flex account.


REMINDER Hy-Vee Simple Fix Employee Workshop #2 – FIVE SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE

2017 Wellness Employee Simple Fix Workshop #2
Sign-up now to prepare 4 easy meals to take home. (Employees and/or spouses are invited).

The workshop is scheduled for November 6th at 6:30 in the Hy-Vee kitchen and will last approximately 1 hour. 

The City of Windom Wellness Program will sponsor the workshop and reduce the full participant fee of  $60 to only $20 per participant (just $5 per meal)!!!.

Hy-Vee shops for the groceries, cleans and chops all the ingredients, and provides the space, bowls and utensils.

At the workshop each participant puts together 4 recipes in a separate freezer bag that they can take home, put in the freezer and then thaw out and cook when they desire. Each meal includes a recipe, and cooking instructions.  The meals make anywhere from 4-8 servings. The purpose is to encourage cooking at home and becoming aware that it is cheaper to prepare meals than to eat out.

Simple Fix Recipes – November 6th Workshop

French Dip Beef

Beef Taco Soup

Chicken Cacciatore

Crockpot Pulled Pork Tacos

A participant count is needed to plan supplies.  Call City Hall or email Chelsie (chelsie.carlson@windommn.com) to sign-up for the workshop.  Participant fee of $20.00 will be paid to Hy-Vee at the workshop.

Substitutions can be made for food allergies.  Please notify Chelsie if any accommodations are needed.

Space is limited.  Deadline for Signup is Wednesday November 1st.  Sign-up Today!!

2017 SEPT Financial Reports – UPDATED

Following Budget Workshop discussion regarding reserve balances, A Cash/Reserve section has been added to the Council Summary.

2017 SEPT Council Summary

2017 SEPT Special Fund Tracking

2017 SEPT Balance Sheet

2017 SEPT Cash_Investments

2017 SEPT Fund Income Statement

2017 SEPT Fund Summary

2017 SEPT General Capital

2017 SEPT Income Statement DETAIL

2017 SEPT Special Fund Tracking

2017 SEPT Investment Positions