Kayaking and Canoeing

“The local streams vary from class 1 whitewater, to gentle

Bird Watching

“Cottonwood County ranks about 20th among MN counties for bird species


“We have great friends who love and care for us. Some community members are like

Regional Significance

“My family is young and we live in rural part of the county. We

Walkability & Bikeability

“I just love the ability to walk and ride bike throughout the city.”

Short Commutes

“I like that I can get to work in about 5 minutes or 1 song on my radio. :)”

Island Park

A great place to relax, meet people, and enjoy park amenities. Island Park has always

Area Amenities

There are a variety of amenities in the area. “If you are in to sports, there is plenty to do.

Evening Walks

“My wife and I often take evening walks, after dark. We feel completely safe

Connectivity with Quiet County Roads

“It is easy to take a bike ride or walk along our quiet country